3 Safety Tips For Filling Up Your Barbecue Propane Tank This Summer

With the start of summer comes of the start of grilling season. That means a lot of individuals are going to be using things like propane that they don't use very often during the rest of the year. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind when filling up your propane tank for your grill this summer.

#1 Keep It Immobile In Transport

The first thing that you need to do in order to stay safe while grilling this summer is to start with safe transport. When you fill up your propane tank for your grill, make sure that the tank is secure. It should be sitting up straight and immobilized so that it is not moving around. You don't want the tank to be bouncing around or rolling around in your trunk, even when it is empty. This can cause damage to the tank and make it unsafe to hold gas.

#2 Keep It Well Sealed During Transport

Next, when transporting either an empty or a full tank, it is important to seal it well. You should make sure that the cylinder valve is closed and also use a cylinder plug when you have the propane tank in your vehicle. Keep in mind that the propane tank being low or feeling empty to you does not mean that there is no gas inside of the propane tank. There could still be gas in it that could leak out into your car, even when you are transporting an "empty" tank, and even more once you fill the tank up. Keep yourself safe by properly sealing the tank.

#3 Take It Straight Home

Don't plan on filling your propane tank and then running errands all day. You don't want to leave the propane tank sitting in your car for any longer than necessary. On a hot summer day, the heat inside of your vehicle can quickly escalate to temperatures far above what it is outside. All that excess heat that builds up in your vehicle can make the gas inside the propane tank expand and potentially explode, causing significant damage to your vehicle and anyone around or in your vehicle.

After you fill up your propane tank, take it straight home and keep your vehicle as cool as possible. When you get it home, make sure that the propane tank is stored somewhere shady and isn't left sitting out in the direct sunlight all day.