Be Prepared: 4 Reasons You Need Solar Power In An Emergency

With so much talk about an attack on the US power grid, it's time to start thinking about alternative ways to power your home. Without an alternative source of power, you and your family will be left out in the dark during an emergency – literally and figuratively. If you're not utilizing solar power at your home, you need to change that. Not only does solar power provide you with an alternative source of power, but it can also be stored for later use. That means that the power you don't use now can be used during an emergency. Still not sure you need solar power? Here are four ways that solar power will benefit you and your family during an emergency.

Emergency Communication

During an emergency, especially one that knocks out communication, you won't be able to rely on your electricity to power your phones or emergency radios. That means you'll be left without any way to communicate with the outside world. If your home is solar powered, you'll be able to continue powering your phones and other emergency communication devices.

Personal Hygiene

During an emergency, personal hygiene will take a back seat to your other immediate needs. This is particularly true if you're left with nothing but cold water. Solar power will ensure that you continue to have access to warm water, which means you and your family will be able to maintain proper personal hygiene, even during an emergency situation.

Water Purification

During an emergency situation when the power has gone out, it may be difficult to find access to clean water. While you may be able to shower in questionable water, you can't cook with it, or use it for drinking purposes. You're going to need access to clean water – or a good water purification system. Solar energy can not only be used to purify unsanitary water, but it can also be used to desalinate water (remove the salt). This ability to purify your water will be essential during an emergency.

Security Lighting

During an emergency when power has been knocked out, you and your neighbors may be without lighting for a while. During the day, a lack of lighting isn't important. However, once night falls, you're going to need lighting. That's where solar power comes in. If your home is equipped with solar panels, you'll have access to the lighting you need to feel safe and secure in your surroundings.

Don't be left without power. To ensure you and your family have access to power during an emergency, invest in a solar energy system for your home. For more information, contact an energy company, such as iDemand Energy Storage.