Should You Test The Home You're Buying For Asbestos?

When buying a home, a thorough home inspection is a must, but should you worry about having an asbestos inspection done? Here are reasons to have an asbestos inspection done:

You Plan on Extensive Remodeling of the Home:

If you are going to remodel the home extensively, then you want to have an asbestos inspection done. This is because when you begin to tear down walls, this is when the asbestos gets in the air and causes problems with your health. If you know that remodeling is going to come in the future, don't hesitate to have the asbestos inspection done now. This way, you can remove the asbestos now instead of putting that cost on top of the cost of remodeling in the future. 

You're Buying an Older Home: 

Older homes probably have asbestos. If this is something you are worried about, then you will want to have an asbestos inspection done. However, this may not be necessary if the home has gone through extensive remodeling since it was built unless the remodeling was done before the 1980s since asbestos wasn't known to be that dangerous before then. 

You Want to See High Resale Value:

If you don't plan on staying in this house for a long time because you plan on selling it for a high value, you may want to have the home tested for asbestos. This way, you can sell it for more. You are likely going to want to go through extensive remodeling if this is the case anyway, especially if the home is not very up to date and modern. 

You Have a Concern:

When you do a walk through of the home and you notice any exposed parts of the walls or pipes, then you should consider asbestos testing. This is because it can mean that the asbestos is in the air and can start affecting your health. You may consider asking the current homeowner to have this done for you before you agree to purchasing the house, this way it is not a burden on you and you can be sure that you are buying a home that is not going to immediately be a health hazard to your family. 

When you know when it's a good idea to test for asbestos, you can be sure that it's something that is not overlooked but instead is tacked on with the general home inspection you have done. For more information, contact companies like Hutzel & Associates, Inc.