Holding A Wedding Soon? Make Sure To Call A Dumpster Rental Service

Weddings and wedding receptions are beautiful and exciting times in people's lives. Unfortunately, they require a lot of different expenses. One that shouldn't be ignored is hiring a dumpster service. A good dumpster can be an essential tool in keeping a wedding clean and safe from excessive garbage.

Weddings Are Surprisingly Wasteful

People who are holding a wedding are often shocked at just how wasteful these events can be in most circumstances. It has been estimated that a six hour wedding and reception creates at least 400-600 pounds of waste per 100-120 wedding guests. The larger the reception, the more waste that will be created.

Where does this waste originate? Primarily through the partying that occurs afterward. Every bottle of water, every paper plate and piece of plastic silverware, as well as decorations, usually end up in the garbage. All that waste adds up quickly and can be gotten rid of either through junk removal or dumpster rentals.

Why Dumpster Rentals Are More Appropriate Than Junk Removal

So why shouldn't those holding a wedding simply call a junk removal service after the reception is over rather than renting a dumpster? Junk removal is often offered on a specific schedule--one that can be very tight. They may not be able to show up at the right time, leaving the people who held the wedding accountable for managing the garbage on their own.

A dumpster also has the advantage of putting all of the garbage from a wedding in one container. At the end of the wedding reception, the dumpster owner can simply come and pick it up and take care of the garbage. In this way, the whole process is streamlined and made simpler.

Cost Assessment

Just how much will a dumpster rental add to the cost of a wedding and wedding reception? The prices will vary depending on the location of the wedding and various other factors. For example, transportation costs can be higher if the wedding is in a more out-of-the-way area. Demand and supply is also a consideration, as busy wedding days may cause a decrease in available dumpsters.

As a result, the cost range for dumpster rentals can be as low as $200 and as high as $1,000. However the average most people pay is about $420 per dumpster, which can be relatively inexpensive in many circumstances. In the case of a wedding, a single dumpster should be more than enough.

So anyone who is planning a wedding needs to check into dumpster rental and find a way to get it to their reception. While it may add a little bit of a distraction to the wedding at times, it is an investment that is more than worth making.